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GM Talks Blogs, Podcasting and RSS
A few hours ago, Shel and I had the pleasure of an 18-minute conversation with Michael Wiley, Director New Media, GM Communications, at General Motors.
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Serious Podcasting For Business
It's been interesting reading some of the reactions by business bloggers to General Motors' first experiment with podcasting last week. This Technorati list has lots of blog commentaries, mostly positive, although most don't discuss the podcasts from the specific communication point of view.
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All About Podcasting
Podcasting, the practice of making downloadable broadcasts for the iPod (or other mp3 players), is growing in popularity. Pioneered by ex-MTV VJ Adam Curry, podcasting has a number of proponents, with Steve Rubel being one of the more vocal.
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Are You `Solving' Or Just `Selling'?

By Scott Foreman

Here's a brief survey. How many of you sell something online? It could be a product or a service. Second question: If you sell anything online, do you write any material used to promote that product or service?

My guess is that if you're reading this article, you probably answered `yes' to both questions. Now here's a third question…How many of you WANT to be `sold' something? If I told you I'd like to stop by your home tonight to `sell' you something, would you likely invite me over? I doubt it.

So we have a genuine dilemma. We are in the business of selling. We are also in the business of promoting what we sell. Our potential customers, however, have NO DESIRE to `be sold.' Instead, they have problems to be solved and questions to be answered. If you become the guy/girl that solves problems, you'll NEVER lack for work or customers.

Can you begin to see how important it is to make sure that whatever you write about your product or service must keep the customer in mind. You must solve problems and answer questions. Outside of your family and friends, no one cares how much you sell, but everybody cares when you're the "go to" person. You name your price at that point.

Whatever your next promotional piece is going to be, you've got to answer a few questions.

1) What problem am I solving or What question am I answering?

2) What does my customer get for purchasing my goods or services?

3) Why would my prospect buy from me and not someone else?

4) In what ways does my product or service make my customer's life easier?

Notice where your focus should be? If you can't answer those questions or they don't seem relevant or you're coming up with a reason NOT to answer one of them, there's a good chance your focus is in the wrong place.

While it's hard to internalize, especially when you're just starting out, you don't need to worry about selling anything. You worry about helping, answering, and solving and the customers will more than reward you for it.

Also, beware the pitfalls of trying to fabricate desire. You may fool your customer into buying something they only THINK they need, but all you've done is to insure that they're more jaded and distrustful of you the next time.

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Obviously, the ideas I've presented here are not original. Customer service is much older than I, but it does take a few pointers to get most people moving in the right direction. While I've just touched on the subject, you'll be astounded at what Dr. Ken Evoy can teach you in his short book on effective writing for sales purposes.

Not only does Dr. Evoy give you great writing tips in the simplest of presentations, but he also introduces you to the idea of PRESelling your prospects to get them in the buying mindset. You'll spend less time worrying about sales and more time being the problem solver. Check out Ken's book here: http://www.build-passive-income.com/cmd.php?ad=124250

Anyone who can turn a suggestion into a solution for the listener is well on the way to implementing that suggestion. Whatever your business, when you cater to your audience (prospects) everyone wins. Answer questions. Solve problems. Never, ever just `sell.'

Remember, be good to yourself and never underestimate the power associated with the intensity of your passion.

About the Author:
Wayne and Scott Foreman are co-owners of www.build-passive-income.com

Starting your online business from scratch? Maybe you're getting a fresh start? Would you like your first (or next) 30 days to knock you out of your chair? Get this free report while signing up for a great information resource at the same time. Check them out here: www.build-passive-income.com/subscribe

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