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IT Sales: Stop Selling Commodities And Start Selling Knowledge

By Joshua Feinberg

The first piece of advice in marketing to strangers is to stop selling products as your lead entrée, as you get your foot in the door with IT sales.

It's not about selling products. It's about selling "you incorporated." In this article you'll learn how to get away from selling products and start selling your expertise.

IT Sales: Where Can You Add Value?

Stop selling the plain, ordinary products by themselves and start selling the value of your company. Stop selling to product-only customers.

Stop competing on price alone when you can't bundle in value-added services. The only way that you're going to be able to substantially grow your company and survive and thrive over the next several years is to think about where you can add value and where you can sell services.

Think about how you can sell you incorporated. How can you transform your whole marketing approach so it's not about reaching customers anymore?

It's about reaching clients; long-term clients who need to engage with you over an extended period of time as outsourced IT.

Stop thinking that you need to have the rock bottom lowest prices in your specialized niche, business to business. You don't to experience good IT sales.

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IT Sales: Your Expertise Sets You Apart

There are hundreds of people in your area who can do all the easy stuff, but you're doing the hard stuff and you know this industry better than they do. You know there are only a couple other people in this whole region that can do what you do. Now you are no longer working with a price-sensitive buyer.

IT Sales: Your Experience and Niche Demands Higher Rates

When you're not dealing with price-sensitive buyers, you can add a little bit to your margins. B2B clients know they have to pay more for the convenience and the value of your expertise that's specific to their business.

Think about this new frame of mind in every marketing and advertising promotional message you put out there. It's all about you incorporated, not the brands that you sell.

About the Author:
Joshua Feinberg helps computer consultants get more steady, high-paying clients.

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