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How To Build Trust And Rapport Quickly

By John Boe

If you're working hard, but aren't consistently generating enough sales and getting referrals, chances are it's a matter of trust.

One of the most critically important and yet frequently overlooked aspects of selling is creating a solid foundation of trust and rapport.

Suppose you could incorporate a few simple, yet highly effective ideas into your selling process and substantially increase your bottom line?

Successful salespeople have a knack for making people feel important. They understand the value of building trust and rapport early on in the selling process. For you see, it really doesn't matter how knowledgeable you are about your product line or how many closing techniques you have mastered, unless you earn your prospect's trust and confidence you're not going to make the sale period.

Once you have established trust and rapport with your prospect, you actually have the hard part behind you and can anticipate making the sale. While there's no system that will work 100 percent of the time with every prospect, fortunately there are fundamentals you can use that will help you build trust and rapport quickly.

Gain the Competitive Edge

Whether you like it or not, people form impressions about you based on such factors as appearance and attitude. When it comes to building trust and rapport, there is nothing more important than making a favorable first impression.

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It's important to remember that in most cases, your prospect's first impression of you will be made over the phone or from a voice message you leave.

Here are some suggestions to help you create a favorable first impression:

1. Show up on time and be well prepared.

2. Maintain a well-groomed appearance and dress appropriately for your market.

3. Be upbeat and personable without becoming overly familiar.

Adjust to Your Prospect's Temperament Style Research indicates people are born into one of four primary temperament styles: Aggressive, Expressive, Passive or Analytical.

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About the Author:
John Boe presents a variety of sales training and motivational programs for meetings and conventions. John brings over twenty years of experience as an award-winning sales trainer to the platform. To have John speak at your next event, visit or call 831 375-3668. Free Newsletter and TeleSeminar available on website.

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