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A Collaborative Sales Model Changes The Seller's Value

Sharon Drew MorgenBy Sharon Drew Morgen

Some people believe that the job of the seller is to communicate and offer value, or to differentiate their offering so buyers know how to choose one product over another. I've also heard it said that the products themselves create value.

But in this world of global information flow, it's almost impossible to differentiate yourself by your product alone, no matter how good it is: we all realize that giving clients product information, or asking the questions that have them reveal current problems or preferences, does not get the product sold - or you'd be closing a lot more sales.


In fact, no matter what sales approach you're currently using - and numbers indicate that most sales people don't follow any one selling model and use a ‘hybrid' mix of their own design - you've got the same dilemma: how do you create value in a flat market in which products, vendors, questions, presentations, and, yes, sellers, all seem similar.

Not only are sellers having confusion as to why they are not closing more or quicker these days, but buyers are completely overwhelmed:

• how to choose the most appropriate vendor when they all sound/appear professional and their offerings are so similar;

• how to choose the optimal solution when there are so many possible choices;

• how to incorporate the necessary aspects of the status quo into any change so there won't be damage when a new purchase enters the system.

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It's frustrating for all when buyers choose the familiar brand just because it's the safest choice when it might not provide cutting edge thinking, or the most appropriate solution.

So sales are taking 30% longer to close - even with the ability of sellers to position their product and brand effectively.

But what, actually, is a seller's value proposition? Is it your brand? Your product? Your relationship?

And, how do you differentiate yourself given the same product line - like many technical products, or banking vehicles? In frustration, do you end up making it a price competition, and lower your price (We know that doesn't work. Buyers buy on price only when all else looks equal)? Give away a service for free just to lure the customer in?

The bigger question to consider is: how do you become the value proposition?

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