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Become A More Effective Sales Person With Online Video

By Paul Kleinmeulman

When marketing online there are some advantages and disadvantages. The main advantage is that you can completely automate the sales process and sell 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year without one smidgen of human input.

It can be a completely hands free business. That in itself is precisely the reason why I became an online entrepreneur and started my own business via the internet.

But selling via the internet also has some downsides, some restrictions that until now have been difficult to overcome. Here are just three (3) of these restrictions.

1) Lack of trust. For the success of a sale there needs to be a trusting relationship between both parties. On the internet this is extremely hard to achieve.

2) Lack of attention. With so many distractions online it is very hard to get your prospects attention to turn them into a customer.

3) Limited marketing methods. When it comes to selling online you are generally limited to copy and graphics, that's it. Yes audio is starting to make an appearance although on very few sites, but most online marketers are missing the biggest opportunity.

In a real world situation the salesperson would normally dwarf each of the above limitations and make the sale but not so when marketing online... your website is your salesperson.

Zig Ziglar writes in his book "Secrets of Closing the Sale"

Web CEO 6.0

"The professional understands that logic is aimed at and appeals to the eye. Emotion is aimed at and appeals to the ear. That is why, when humanly possible, we not only tell people what our merchandise or goods will do but we demonstrate at the same time.

We've been conditioned to believe what we see instead of what we hear. The eyes have truly been called the "windows of the soul" - the minds eye believes what it sees. The eyes are the only one of our sense organs which connect directly to the brain. For this reason, logically we accept more readily what we see than what we hear. However, we are moved into action by what we hear. Remember, our "feeling" brain is ten times as large as our "thinking" brain, so "tell 'em" and "show 'em" and your chances of selling them are greatly multiplied."

There you have it from the hand of one of the greatest sales people and teachers, the problem with marketing online. You can't "tell or show" your prospect anything via the internet, thus reducing your chances of making the sale, without using new video technology and the good news is the timing for this is perfect.

If you want to reach, right into your prospects brain then you must do it via the eyes and the ears and the best way to do this online is via streaming video. Using video you can explain the best parts of your product to your prospect as if they were right there with you but it can be done completely on auto pilot.

The problem is that putting video on your web site has been related to brain surgery because a lot of people have made it a lot more complicated then it really is.

Online video is the way of the future for marketing via the internet and the best time to start is now.

About the Author:
Paul Kleinmeulman is a full time internet marketer. He walks his talk by using the principles he teaches at on his own sites for increased relationships and higher conversions. He loves using video and highly recommends it to everybody.

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