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Sales Closing Techniques

By Kevin Sinclair

Have you wondered why, despite being able to describe the benefits of the products you are selling, the customer did not buy?

You were told not to sell features but the benefits of the product, and that is exactly what you did. Yet you are not able to close the deal. What is that missing element that is needed?

The answer may be that the benefits you described are not benefits that apply to the customer. The question is what is in it for the customer to be interested in what you are selling.

If you are selling to a business organization, focus first on the business requirements that are driving this deal. Whatever you sell had better give returns to the business. Otherwise, this might be your last sale to this organization.

Once you know the business needs, connect them to the benefits that your product can offer. This means you must know your product's features and related benefits. If you already know your product well, that is half the battle won. If not, you must find out. If yours is a technical product, a user-based understanding is all that is needed for a sales person. Later, you can bring in technical expertise as needed.

The next thing to do is to establish the needs of the business that your product can meet. Present this from the customer's perspective and your chances of closing the deal are very much increased. There will, of course, be competitive products and prices to be considered.

Having described the concept, how can you do this in a well-organized way? In this case, first list all the product features and their related benefits. Now for each of the benefits, write down what is the business need that can be met. Once you have written all of these down, convert these to questions that you can ask the customer.

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You will find repetition in this first version. Clean it up and organize the questions in a natural flow. Note down also the benefits and features along with the questions.

You can now use this questionnaire when you meet the customer. If required, you can also discuss benefits and features of the product. Getting quantifiable information will help in the business justification later.

When the customer sees that you know your contents, you can expect a better response as the customer knows that you are not wasting any time. The respect you show for the customer's time is a very good basis to build a good customer relationship.

This technique will help you establish which benefits will help the customer based on the business requirements as established by the customer.

The next step is for you to understand the customer's industry and to be able to articulate the trends and why requirements not articulated by the customer should also be considered. Typically, customers appreciate this additional knowledge that you bring to the situation.

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About the Author:
Kevin Sinclair is the publisher and editor of Be Successful News, a site that provides information and articles on how to succeed in your own home or small business.

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