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Content Ideas For Lead Nurturing And Tactics To Use

By Brian Carroll

When it comes to lead nurturing, I find that many marketers get stuck because they lack enough good content to do it consistently. My advice (if you plan to do it) is to start accumulating content and building your lead nurturing library ASAP.

How do you build your library of relevant lead nurturing content?

A lead nurturing program can leverage existing investments that you have made in other marketing tactics such as events, white papers, contributed articles, or any other thought leading content. Third-party resources and content can also be effectively utilized to bring you an aspect of credibility through the halo effect.

Begin by developing a catalog (think library) of all of your lead nurturing content. Unfortunately, if you have a lot of content this can be tedious process. But trust me it's worth it. To help you get started, I've put together a simple spreadsheet (with example data). Download Lead-Nurturing-Content-Catalog-Sample.xls

Next, start digging around for good content in places such as your website, shared network folders and other content management systems that you have access too and collect that data in your spreadsheet. I advise starting with the most recent content first and then working your way back in time. And once you're done, be sure to keep your lead nurturing library catalog updated.

Here are some tactics you can use to leverage your lead nurturing content:

What can you send via direct mail?

The workhorse of business-to-business direct mail is still the one-page, personalized letter sent in a #10 envelope. Here are some direct mail content ideas: personal letters, dimensional mailers, books, newsletters, press releases, white papers, event invitations, research reports, case studies, success stories, article reprints and third-party articles.

What can you send via email?

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Send personalized one-to-one emails with links to: by-lined articles, blog posts, relevant third party articles, case studies, press releases, white papers, e-newsletters, event invitations, archived events, research reports, blogs, success stories, case studies, videos, podcasts, and website content.

How can you leverage events?

Invite people to attend events such as: trade shows, live seminars, webinars, webcasts, executive briefings, workshops, conferences, road shows, speaking engagements and on demand events. Leverage past archived and recorded (archived) events with email links.

What can you do online?

Be sure to give your audience a way to subscribe to get updates either via RSS or via email. Here are some online examples such as: blog posts, podcasts, vidcasts, webinars, e-books, personalized microsites, wikis, and other multimedia.

What can you do via the phone?

Share new ideas, develop relationships, confirm correct contacts, get internal referrals, be sure to always get opt-in email addresses, personal invitations to events, reengage aged opportunities and identify sales ready leads.

This is by no means a comprehensive list of ideas but it should get you started. You might also find value in my recent webinar on lead nurturing relevant.

Do you have any other lead nurturing content ideas that you'd like to share?


About the Author:
Brian Carroll is the CEO of InTouch Inc. InTouch is a 50-person company focused on delivering effective lead generation solutions for "the complex sale." Brian authors the very interesting B2B Lead Generation Blog which focuses on B2B lead generation, sales leads, and marketing for the complex sale.

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