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ComScore Reports Heaviest Online Spending Due To Procrastinators

By Bill Hartzer

Apparently there's a flurry of online spending-all by procrastinators and deal-seekers. This is leading to a strong final week of pre-Christmas online shopping. comScore is reporting that online sales are up 25 percent versus a year ago.

In comparison, it's interesting to note what 10e20 reported a year ago about the 2006 holiday spending:

What does this mean? There is increased consumer trust in online marketplaces, and as more and more consumers continue to value the convenience of online shopping, more and more consumers will buy. 2007 will likely see a greater increase too.

Apparently Tamar was right last year; 2007 was a good year for online sales. December 10th, 2007 was seen as "Green Monday" and will continue to reign as the heaviest online spending day of the 2007 Holiday season.

comScore, Inc. (NASDAQ:SCOR) has released their update of theholiday season e-commerce/online spending for the first 51 days of the 2007 season, which was November 1 to December 21st, 2007. Apparently more than $26 billion has been spent online during the season, which marks a nineteen percent gain versus the same days last year. (click to enlarge)

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comScore is continuing to seen online spending strength as the holiday season comes to a close. The most recent five-day span ending 12/21/2007 had a 25 percent growth rate versus the same period last year. They said, in a report just out, that the heaviest online shopping days are behind us now, but some online retailers allowed deliveries before Christmas for orders to be placed by December 22nd, with an in-store pickup available for orders placed by Christmas Eve.

Green Monday, reported as being Monday, December 10, 2007, will be the heaviest individual spending day of the season with $881 million in sales. Cyber Monday, Monday, November 26, which represents the first major spike in online spending activity during the season, ranked as the 9th heaviest day with $733 million in sales.

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About the Author:
Bill Hartzer manages the Search Engine Marketing division of MarketNet, Inc., a leading full-service interactive design and development firm in Dallas, Texas. Hartzer recently joined MarketNet, where his vast experience significantly bolsters MarketNet's already robust search engine marketing offerings.

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