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April 23, 2010
Using Your Blog To Support Your Sales Team
By : Frank Reed |
Business blogs are still a bit of a mystery and certainly a source of anxiety and angst for many SME's (small and medium enterprises) and SMB's (small and medium businesses) alike. Many marketing directors and executive level decision makers cringe at the idea of having a blog. They don't get the concept, fear the workload or have a skewed view of a business blog's purpose. As a result, they conclude that they don't need to do it. That's just wrong.

Here's one thing that every business regardless of size should get. Doing something that helps your sales team sell more.

So what's the relationship between your blog and your sales team selling more? It's quite straightforward. If you are not providing evidence and support for your folks in the field you are limiting their capabilities and ultimately their production. So if you start and maintain a strong business blog for ANY reason it should be to support your sales team and their efforts. Here's a few reasons why this is critical to sales success.

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