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July 23, 2010
Increasing Your Sales During Big Events
By: Mike Moran
Have you ever wondered whether big events have any effect on how marketers reach their audiences? Under normal circumstances, some people are clicking on your ads while others are riveted by something they are doing, and it all evens out, we assume. But what about when a big event is capturing the attention of a sizable chunk of the audience? A new study set out to answer that question during a recent World Cup soccer match, and what it found has an interesting lesson for marketers.

Our own Aaron Kim recently did a social media roundup on the FIFA World Cup, showing the immense popularity of social media, especially during matches. It comes as no surprise to you that Twitter usage reached its all-time peak during a World Cup match.

So, as an advertiser, does that mean that you should pull your ads on match days? You might think that, with all those folks tweeting away, no one is clicking on your ads. A new study by Infolinks sheds a bit of light on that question:

As you look at the chart, notice that the click rates on advertising do indeed drop during the World Cup match, as you might expect, but click rates rise right after that match—to even higher than normal levels. So, while it might make sense to pause your ads during the match, be careful! If you don't turn them back on immediately after that match, you'll miss a clicking bonanza.

But you need to think clearly about this data in another way, too. When dealing with big events like this one, you might want to fall back on traditional television concepts, such as counter-programming. When one channel has the World Cup on, the others don't go dark. Even though a big chunk of their viewership might be otherwise occupied, they strive to put on a program that draws well among those uninterested in the World Cup.

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