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August 06, 2010
Expanding Your Sales And Marketing Background
By: Mike Moran
If you've ever watched a storm coming over the horizon, you'll be right at home with the changes that are happening in marketing. Everywhere you look, marketing is undergoing changes. If you have the new skills required, it should be a smooth ride for you, but if you don't, you might be in for a rocky ride. Read on to see what changes are coming and what you need to know to make a smooth adjustment to where marketing is headed.

Four big areas head the list of marketing changes. Each one is an example of how you'll need to broaden your skills:

* More technology. No, you don't need to become an iPhone apps developer, but you definitely need to become comfortable with working with technologistsódirecting them. Avi Dan believes that CMOs need to appoint a marketing technology czar. Regardless of the solution, it's clear that every year will send a nw technology to cope with. Web sites yielded e-Commerce which begat search marketing that morphed into social media. If you understood Facebook and then Twitter, now you need to know Foursquare. If you figured out e-mail to the Blackberry, then iPhone apps were next. And now Android apps. Technology will continue to be a big driver of marketing's future.

* More anthropology. Three university professors went Avi one better in a Wall Street Journal article, calling for the creation of a new role, marketing technopologist. That role includes a blend of marketing skills, technology ability, plus expertise in social interaction. When you think about how social media is built around communities, and further consider how central privacy is to online interactions, you could do worse than focus on how culture affects the way people interact online.

* More public relations. Traditional marketers have spent their lives crafting the exact messages they want to deliver, and then paying for them to be delivered. With social media...

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