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August 20, 2010
Does Your Cost-Per-Click Stand Up Well?
By: Andrew Wee
In parallel to developing my own products and promoting CPA offers, I've been promoting CPS (Cost-Per-Sale) offers since 2006.

I've been looking into doing more of such programs recently and have set up some sites which will be trafficked via SEO and social-based traffic. There will be more such sites being launched further down the pipeline.

Which the affiliate can do everything possible to bring the traffic over and pre-sell the product, it just feels that some merchants are going out of their way to sabotage their own success.

Here's some examples:

* Failing to benchmark your affiliate program: Whatever you may think, your affiliate program does not exist in isolation. Most diligent affiliates will compare affiliate programs across the variety of product providers, especially if it's a commodity items like a beauty product, computer equipment or a musical instrument. Offering a 5% commission on the sale value when your competitors are offering a 10% or 15% payout makes you uncompetitive. There are some exceptions, where if you are the only merchant offering a particular product or your prices are low enough that the majority of buyers would buy through you, rather than another merchant.

* Failing to offer appropriate affiliate tools: If you have 1,000 products in your inventory, whether books, music or movies, isn't it silly to give a link to your root domain? Don't you think it makes more sense to provide product-specific links, or even better, the ability to deep link to any page within your website? This gives affiliates the option to use creative marketing techniques.

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