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September 10, 2010
Strategic Ways To Convert Users Into Sales
By: Eric Leuenberger
Many online store owners have the impression that all they have to do is attract more traffic and the sales rise. Stores with this mentality often increase marketing spend in an effort to drive more traffic yet they soon find out that the effort did indeed generate more traffic, but resulted in no more sales and thus wasted dollars.

They can't help but ask the question "what's missing?"

Well as I've mentioned before, turning visitors (shoppers) into sales (buyers) isn't always about the traffic. It is a combination of the right traffic mixed with the proper on-site alterations which actually generates the sales.

Here are 5 strategies to help you turn those visitors into buyers.

1. The Foundation is the Key.

The remaining points will mean nothing if you don't have a solid foundation. This is the most overlooked aspect of the sites I run across yet involves some of the most basic and necessary elements.

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