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February 25, 2011
Four Ways Marketing Can Help You Get Paid Faster
By: Rohit Bhargava
While marketing can do many things for your business such as help you acquire new customers or increase your sales, helping you get paid faster is probably not among the things that you are focusing your marketing efforts on but perhaps you should be. Here are four ideas for how simple changes in your marketing could help your small business get paid faster.

1. Segment your customers by potential. This should be obvious, but not every customer of yours will be one who will be ABLE to pay you more quickly. In any business, there are customers who face serious cash flow issues themselves and generally live from month to month. Identifying which of your customers fall into this category will help you to focus on those customers who you have a real chance to change behaviours with, and not on those who you will not be able to motivate for the simple reason that they cannot pay you with money they don't have.

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