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December 01, 2011
The Foursquare Save Button Arrives to Improve Sales Offline
By: Stoney deGeyter
Today Foursquare announced their own social button to add to websites and it seems this is one many businesses should pay attention to. Yes, that's right, another button to add to your site...

What is Foursquare's new "Save" button for and how does it work?

Foursquare's new save button is meant for websites of businesses with physical locations (such as shops, restaurants, tourist activities, etc. ) in order to allow online users to add the location to their queue of places to visit next time they are in that geographic area. The idea is quite brilliant and I predict it will have the necessary kick to move Foursquare into bigger leagues sooner than later. This positive outlook for Foursquare is greatly improved from my impression of the service (which I was an early adopter of) over the past while; which has been lackluster at best since Facebook and Google launched similar check-in services.

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