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January 06, 2012
How to Sell Anything Using Social Media
By: John Jantsch
One of my predictions for 2012 is that more people will come to understand that you can indeed do business using social networks and, frankly, I'm already seeing it.

There are couple reasons this.

First off, people are getting more comfortable with social media and social behavior and the "social media is a pure engagement temple mentality" of some early adopters has faded.

More importantly, however, is that smart marketers are testing, tweaking and trying lots of things and figuring out how to build know, like and trust – the path to selling anything, anywhere – on social networks.

In my own experimenting I can tell you that generating and converting leads using social media takes a more patient approach, but once you find the right path, it's actually a better way to sell in any environment.

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