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May 25, 2012
John Jantsch How to Create a Bold, Daring and Utterly Irresistible Pricing Model
By John Jantsch
There's a traditional, somewhat logical, pattern to how business has always been done. The seller describes a product or service, promise benefits, maybe even paints a rosy picture of the prospective buyer's life with said product or service, and asks the buyer to pay a set price in order to acquire it.

While this how it has always been done, there are a couple of inherent problems with this model, particularly when it comes to acquiring a fairly new product or service with little history or buyer success to point to as proof of promised results.

Problem #1

The biggest problem is that the buyer is left to shoulder the entire burden of risk. What if they don't get the promised results? What if it isn't what they need? What if, heaven forbid, it's not as good as the commercial suggested?

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