This one is from the archives, but still very relevant.

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September 7, 2012
Sally Ormond The Difference Between Showing and Telling
By Sally Ormond
This one is from the archives, but still very relevant. If you want your marketing to really sell to your customers you have to make sure your copy sells, not tells. This post explains how:

Some copywriters will specialise in a certain industry or field of writing. Others offer copywriting services that cover just about every aspect of sales and business writing you can think of.

Many copywriting projects begin with a desire to tell an audience about a product, service or idea. But if all you do is tell your readers about something, you are missing the mark. Telling is done by journalists and teachers. Copywriting is about giving much more value.

It should sell not tell
Your message - whether it is an advert, website copy, brochure or email - should persuade and motivate your reader to carry out a particular action - BUY NOW, CALL NOW, BOOK NOW. [...]

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