It's always good to examine what beliefs we are operating under-if we have false beliefs that are not examined, then we continue to act on them.

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November 2, 2012
Ruth Stevens B2B Marketing Myth-busting, Redux
By Ruth Stevens
It’s always good to examine what beliefs we are operating under–if we have false beliefs that are not examined, then we continue to act on them. B2B marketing is no different–what are the myths that we might believe that are possibly guiding our actions in the wrong direction? With a tip of the hat to Bob Bly, whose June article in Target Marketing magazine dispels 7 B2B marketing myths, I’d like to tackle some myth-busting of my own.

Myth No. 1: Lead generation is the top job of B2B marketers. There is overwhelming evidence that B2B marketers consider lead generation their most important contribution.

So why, you may rightly wonder, am I calling this a myth? Well, maybe it’s more of a misconception than a myth. But I am arguing that the true top job of B2B marketers should be customer retention, or customer penetration, which is where all the profit lies. [...]

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