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November 26, 2012
Frank Reed Selling From A Salesman's Point of View
By Frank Reed
For those of you who have never been in sales, I would like to take you through a sales process (or some aspects of one) from the sales representative’s point of view. In sales, we are trained to look at situations as if we were sitting in the prospect’s chair. The reason for that is that it makes it easier for a sales person to recognize what is REALLY important to the prospect. You see, really awful sales reps will simply spout off what they are selling, assuming it is exactly what the prospect needs in the exact way they present it. If a sales rep ever does that to you, you have my permission as a member of the society of salespeople to unceremoniously kick their sorry butt out of your office. (By the way, that society doesn’t really exist as far as I know but we are a collegial bunch nonetheless and like to look out for each other, because one bad sales rep’s reputation makes it harder for the good ones in the future.)

So what I am going to do is give you a look from my side of the desk and then list the things [...]

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