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September 26, 2014
Stoney deGeyter 5 Ways to Sell Your Products By Selling Yourself First
By Stoney deGeyter
When a visitor lands on your website, there are two questions they need answered:

1. How does this product or service benefit me?


2. Why should I buy this product or service from you?

If your site does a good job of answering the first question, congratulations – you're one step closer to making a sale, but that alone won't necessarily close the deal. To push the visitor to commit, giving you money in hand, you must be able to answer the second question sufficiently as well.

And, even when you've done that – you're not out of the clear [...]

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Marketing Podcast with Tom Martin

For the last few years I've been telling business owners that sales and marketing has changed so much because buying has changed so much.

photo credit: andres.thor via photopin cc

Today's buyer doesn't not call up a company and ask for a brochure or salesperson to come calling. Today's buyer does their homework online, asks their network for suggestions and essentially creates their own brochure.

So much [...]
Lots of Vendors Can Help You Find Leads on the Web Here's the fastest way I know, to increase your sales and profits! A tested, proven way to attract more sales leads
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3 Facts and a question
I want you to consider the following 3 facts about your clients:

  • Your clients trust you.

  • Your clients are used [...]
  • Today, I want to help you attract more high quality sales leads and referrals, with a tested and proven idea. I need to start by asking you an important question: How easy is it for people to describe what makes your service special? [...]
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