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Using contests to boost sales enablement
When you want above and beyond results from your sales team, you need to offer above and beyond compensation. One way to do that is by having contests. Contests are a great way to engage your sales team and provide the extra push for extra performance. Whether you're in B2C or B2B, contests can be very effective because we are all consumers at heart, and we can all relate to the idea of winning something. Here's how you can use contests to boost your sales enablement.

Date: 2014-12-12
Research Proves Facebook Drives Sales, Impacts Your Bottom Line
I have to admit that the inspiration for this post came from something one of my clients reported their Facebook rep told them — that Facebook is not a platform for driving sales. It’s all about buying impressions for your brand but it’s not a place where users want to engage with brand or consume their content so it shouldn’t be considered as a sales driver.

Date: 2014-11-14
Today Only: Complimentary Sales & Marketing Tutorials
Discover the latest Sales & Marketing tips & tricks with Skillfeed, Shutterstock's new online learning platform. For a limited time Skillfeed is offering access to all courses and tutorials for FREE!

Date: 2014-10-20
Content marketing is for salespeople, too
You probably heard that content marketing is kinda important. All the cool kids are doing it. If you're doing it right, you probably have learned a lot about which content moves your audience. You've got your metrics, you're optimizing, and you are driving leads to the sales team. Job over, right? Wrong.

Date: 2014-10-17
5 Ways to Sell Your Products By Selling Yourself First
When a visitor lands on your website, there are two questions they need answered:

Date: 2014-09-26
How to Sell to a Prospect You Can't Even See
For the last few years I’ve been telling business owners that sales and marketing has changed so much because buying has changed so much.

Date: 2014-09-05
Lots of Vendors Can Help You Find Leads on the Web
Few people would suggest you learn salesmanship from the play Glengarry Glen Ross,* but its central message rings true: good leads are the lifeblood of a sales organization.** That’s why scanning the Internet to find new prospects is such an exciting opportunity. At least a dozen firms are now following that path.

Date: 2014-08-15
Here's the fastest way I know, to increase your sales and profits!
If you want to generate high quality sales, extremely quickly, here's a suggestion. It's based on an idea I have used and seen used, many times, with amazing results.

Date: 2014-07-25
A tested, proven way to attract more sales leads
Today, I want to help you attract more high quality sales leads and referrals, with a tested and proven idea.

Date: 2014-06-27
How To Sell Like The Hawaiian Beach Boys
Every day at the Waikiki Beach Boys surf shop on the beach in Oahu, Ted teaches tourists how to surf and sometimes shares a story about the legendary Pink Palace hotel on the beach.

Date: 2014-06-06
How Many Leads Do You Need to Generate? Use This Simple Calculator.
One key to successful B2B lead generation programs is to calculate exactly the right number of qualified leads to provide to sales-as part of your campaign planning. If you generate too many leads, you'll be wasting precious marketing dollars. If you generate too few, your firm may be at risk of missing its revenue targets, with potentially disastrous financial implications.

Date: 2014-05-09
Why Conversion is More Important Than Traffic
My office faces one of the busiest roads in Suffolk. Traffic constantly roars back and forth as people make their way between Suffolk and Norfolk.

Date: 2014-04-18
Attract, Engage & Convert More Customers
Outside of marketing and customer service, one of the fastest growing areas in the social media world is social selling. With billions of people connected to social networks for personal and business reasons, time and attention of prospects is both valuable and highly competitive.

Date: 2014-03-28
Marketing Foundations: 3 Tips to massively increase your sales
Did you know there’s a common marketing mistake, which loses small businesses a fortune? Well, there is and it could be hurting your business… without you even knowing it!

Date: 2014-03-14
Why Social Is More Important to Sales Than Marketing
From day one it’s been said that the proper use of social media is for engagement, not sales. But when you think about it – effective selling has always been about engagement first, because true engagement happens between people.

Date: 2014-02-21
3 Tips to help you get massively better sales results
Here are 3 tips, to help you get massively better results from your advertising, email marketing, mail shots and blog marketing messages. Let’s go!

Date: 2014-01-31
Can Small Changes Make A Big Difference For Website Conversions?
Will making your form longer improve the quality of your leads? Do people respond better to calls to action in first person (me, my) or second (you yours?)

Date: 2014-01-10
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